National Trig-Star Awards

The National Society of Professional Surveyors hosts the National Trig-Star Awards each year. The First, Second, and Third place winners, as well as their teachers, receive monetary awards.  Due to COVID-19 the 2020 National Contest has been canceled.

2019 Student Winners

  • First Place – Qingfeng Li  ($2000)
  • Second Place -Austen Mazenko ($1000)
  • Third Place – Henry Hein ($500)

2019 Teacher Winners

  • First Place – Paul Street ($1000)
  • Second Place – Jim Padavic ($500)
  • Third Place – Jennifer Zhang ($250)

Local and State Awards

There are no established awards for the state and individual level. Local and State awards are provided by the local chapter or sponsors.

2020 State Winners

  • Kendall Sutton, California (Liberty Ranch High School)
  • Samantha Yancey, Georgia (Southeast Bulloch High School)
  • Anna Ruby, Kansas (Silver Lake High School)
  • Ella Nelson, Maine (Marshwood High School)
  • Jacob Johnston, Pennsylvania (Governor Mifflin High School)
  • Jacob Pincock, Utah (Morgan High School)
  • Zeke Jeske, Wisconsin (Oregon High School)


  • Yan Yang, California (Liberty Ranch High School)
  • Paula Kitchings, Georgia (Southeast Bulloch High School)
  • Alan Cunningham, Kansas (Silver Lake High School)
  • Khayyan Mohammed, Maine (Marshwood High School)
  • Anthony Messina, Pennsylvania (Governor Mifflin High School)
  • Jeremy Floyd, Utah (Morgan High School)
  • Kyle Loshaw, Wisconsin (Oregon High School)