There are many different scholarships devoted to the field of surveying for two-year and four-year colleges. NSPS Trig-Star Committee through the NSPS Foundation is proud to provide the Trig-Star Scholarship for $5,000. Scroll down page for details.

2024 NSPS Trig-Star Scholarship Recipient – Gage Rhodes

2023 NSPS Trig-Star Scholarship Recipient – Gage Rhodes

2020 NSPS Trig-Star Scholarship Recipient – Joel Edwards 

2019 NSPS Trig-Star Scholarship Recipient Jed Lewis with Trig-Star Chairman, Jerry Juarez




Applicants must be high school seniors, or college freshmen or sophomores, who have participated in the Trig-Star Contest at some point in their high school career, and who plan to enroll, or are already enrolled in a college degree program leading to a degree in surveying and mapping (the Land Surveying profession). The applicant does not have to have won at any level of the Trig-Star Contest but must have participated in the contest at the high school level.


The intent is to award a five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) scholarship each year to a student pursuing a secondary education with the intent to pursue a degree in surveying and mapping, and with a desire to become a Licensed professional.


The scholarship will not be issued until the student enrolls in the program. The scholarship will be sent to the recipient, split one half each for the first two semesters, or one third for the first three quarters. Prior to the NSPS Foundation sending payment to the recipient, the recipient must submit information and a payment request to the NSPS Foundation. The request must include: proof of enrollment in the approved program and taking classes leading to the selected degree, as well as grades from the previous term showing at least a 3.0 GPA if the request is for a second or third term, as appropriate.


Other Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for geospatial sciences are available across the nation through organizations, businesses, and individual donors. Find out more about opportunities that are available in your area.