If you have questions reach out to either the Trig-Star Coordinator in your area, your state association, or call 240-439-4615, ext. 19

Area 1 – John Chagnon – [email protected]

CT Jorge Pereria 203-327-0500 [email protected]
ME John Schwanda 207-774-0424 [email protected]
MA John Chagnon 603-766-2988 [email protected]
NH Tim Mallette 603-244-8844 [email protected]
NY John Chagnon 603-766-2988 [email protected]
RI John Chagnon. 603-766-2988 [email protected]
VT John Chagnon 603-766-2988 [email protected]

Area 2 – Mike Given – [email protected]

DC Mike Given 412-525-2725 [email protected]
DE Mike Given 412-525-2725 [email protected]
MD Wayne Aubertin 310-67-0840 [email protected]
NJ Gary Veenstra 973-560-4629 [email protected]
PA Mike Given 412-525-2725 [email protected]
VA Mike Given 412-525-2725 [email protected]
WV Kevin Brockett 304-983-7022    [email protected]

Area 4 – Sherry Toutges – [email protected]

IL Brianna Lakin 217-741-6189 [email protected]
IN Tony Gregory 219-781-4202 [email protected]
IA Justin Scott 515-284-7055 [email protected]
KS Max Hubbell 316-377-0184 [email protected]
KY Brian Cox 859-663-1822 [email protected]
MI Mike Bartolo 517-265-6887 [email protected]
MN Janele Fowlds 507-625-4171 [email protected] 
MO Sandra Boeckman 573-635-9446

[email protected]

NE Sherry Toutges 916-214-1052

[email protected]

OH Patrick Leonhardt 734-755-8366 [email protected]
WI Ryan Duckart [email protected]

Area 5 – Warren Ward – [email protected]

CO Warren Ward [email protected]
ID Justin Scott 515-284-7055 [email protected]
MT George Bornemann 406-333-7974 [email protected]
ND Jeff Jelinek 701-671-2268 [email protected]
SD Chad Dodds 605-661-3016 [email protected]
UT Brad Mortensen 385-272-8106 [email protected]
WY Darby Schock 307-777-4622 [email protected]

Area 6 – Jerry Juarez [email protected]

AK Jeremy Hurst 907-764-5797 [email protected]
AZ Jerry Juarez 775-300-5050 [email protected]
CA Sherry Tougtes 916-214-1052 [email protected]
HI Jerry Juarez 775-300-5050 [email protected]
NV Jerry Juarez 775-300-5050 [email protected]
NM Jerry Juarez 775-300-5050 [email protected]
OR Jerry Juarez 775-300-5050 [email protected]
WA Crissy Wilson 888-994-2845 [email protected]